VC Constructions

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Promoters and Management


  • K.Vijay Chander Reddy
  • K.Chandana Reddy

Management structure and areas of responsibility

  • K.Vijay Chander Reddy, Administration and Business Development.
  • K.Chandana Reddy, Finance
  • Mehar & Associates, Taxation and Accounts
  • Nathalla & Associates, Legal and Arbitration

We have pleasure in introducing our company and management team to your selves with a view to being included on your main contractor lists.

VC CONSTRUCTIONS is managed by Mr. K. Vijay Chander Reddy and Mrs K.Chandana Reddy (Ex Partners of YSR Constructions and YRC Constructions) who have 10 years, 5 years’ experience respectively in the industry.

Due to the vast amount of experience attained by the owners, VC CONSTRUCTIONS is capable of handling a wide diversity of structural painting and pipeline projects, like Out Coating (Guniting, Taping, Epoxy Painting etc) and Inlining (CML, Painting, etc)

VC CONSTRUCTIONS was formed in 2014. Since its inception the company has matured into a successful and dependable medium sized construction firm with a wealth of in pipeline and anti-corrosive types of projects.

We have a hands-on management philosophy, a keen team player spirit and we pride ourselves on quality workmanship and the timeous completion of projects.

On all our contracts we have highly motivated and competent foreman on site at all times.

As a result, we have extremely resourceful teams of individuals capable of implementing our works to the highest of standards in order to satisfy the expectations of our clients. This has been reflected in the steady growth that the company has enjoyed since its existence.

By browsing through our company profile, you will become familiar with the type of projects we have completed over the past few years. These contracts in conjunction with the amount of repetitive work done with the different professional teams and clients convey our commitment to being co-operative, helpful and easy to work with at the same time offering an excellent end product.

Long Term Aim of the Business

Develop a service oriented organization, with talented professionals…


  • To be a company that provides quality and timely service to it’s clients
  • To build a team of dedicated people that empathies with the common good of the company and its people.
  • To be a responsible entity to its customers, staff and society.

Core Values

  • We are committed to giving our clients a complete satisfactory experience.
  • We operate with the highest integrity and promise to do what we say.
  • We are dedicated to delivering only high quality, professional work.
  • We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves.

We take pride in our work and in our employees who love what they do. As a results-driven company, we continually strive to:

  • Provide customers with the ultimate contracting experience, at an honest price, giving them the attention they desire and deserve.
  • Deliver unwavering dedication to quality and integrity in workmanship.
  • Create lasting relationships built on trust and professionalism.

Build a team dedicated to exceeding customer expectations that takes pride in contributing to the company successes.


The management of VC CONSTRUCTIONS has not only identified employee safety as one of the company’s core values, but they have placed it at the top of the list. This has not just been done in writing, but more importantly it is clearly visible through the company’s actions.

Just like most top performing companies, VC CONSTRUCTIONS complies with all safety regulations (e.g. maintaining written programs, ensuring that all required training is complete, providing necessary safety equipment, facilitating safety meetings, conducting jobsite inspections, maintaining equipment in safe condition, etc). However, we believe it’s the things we do beyond government requirements that show how committed we truly are to providing a safe workplace for our employees

Customer Focus

Our capabilities enable us to partner with our customers from concept to completion .We take great pride in meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations every step of the way.

Total customer satisfaction through value, innovation, reliability, dedicated service and financial strength.

Throughout our history, VC CONSTRUCTIONS has experienced much success in customer satisfaction and, perhaps not surprisingly, customer retention. Our customers recognize the inherent value in doing business with a company that is focused on their needs, not just the bottom line.

Building Relationships with Quality

VC CONSTRUCTIONS success stems from the professionalism and enterprise of its resources. The company's high quality standards ensure that only the brightest talent capable of extending the value experience for its customers is retained across all its functions.


The pricing structure is based on:

  • Project basis.
  • Production costs and overheads.
  • Cost & profit sharing (for joint ventures decided on a corporate level).

Marketing and Communications Strategy:

Client Referrals:


Public Relations:

Internet marketing:

  • This is a vital modus operando for our promotion and success. Our credibility with existing clients has help generate a lot of interests with prospective clientele to work with us.
  • Our advertising strategy is primarily for team building in places of operation.
  • Social media plays a vital role in our public relation plan for team dynamics and existing and prospective client rendezvous.
  • We are active in many Industry related web portals and maintain prompt response to any client queries.

Our Staff and Management:

We believe that every member of our team is critical to the success of our venture, which includes the client, the staff and management and the empathy of all is vital to our sustainability.

Training Plans:

Our people are our most valuable asset and we do understand that they need to be trained and motivated to fulfil their obligations to the client(s).

We periodically train our team and encourage them to themselves, self-train in areas not only related to our core activities, but also matters of personal interest that are gratifying to each individual. We also believe in involvement and interaction of all of our clients to get to know their team(s) and impart their sentiments for better team development.

We introduce ourselves as an entity that would be interested in a mutually beneficial business venture, and for the same reason, introducing our company and management team to your selves with a view to being included on your main contractor lists, and use this, as a means to present ourselves to initiate a dialog to explore avenues of interest.

We consider ourselves as young and budding organization, small, but abundant with talent and enthusiasm and a desire to work with other such organizations to help each other to achieve their individual goals as follows:

  • To better manage/administer parts of your business that we consider our strengths.
  • This includes Anti-corrosive treatment to MS Pipes of Various Dia, Man Power resources, and others.
  • We have the capability to manage these in a multi-lingual facet, with the primarily focus in English, Hindi and Telugu.
  • We believe in our technical skills and share this knowledge to entities, so that they stay focused on their principal objectives and concentrate on what they are better at doing.
  • Offer a cost effective alternative to essential and routine activates, that may otherwise be a burden to the organization, financially or in terms of other resources.